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Elevate your knowledge on the expanding developing strategies & latest technological advances related to your business.

The Importance of Data Analytics

Before data can be used to tell a story, it must be run through a process that makes it usable in the story.

Mindset for Retail Industry Analytics

As a data analyst, you are on a journey. Think about all the data that is being generated each day and that is available in an organization, from transactional data in a traditional database, telemetry data from services that you use, to signals that you get from different areas like social media.

War & It’s Impact on Technology

World is witnessing another armed conflict. This time it’s in Ukraine being invaded by Russia. A conflict of this nature rings many bells for IT Services perspective as well.

Retail Analytics – A Glance

Retail analytics have come a long way. Now, retailers are empowered to make strategic business decisions based on real information—not just gut instinct. Data analytics has the power of transforming every aspect of a retail business, providing valuable insights for every department from logistics to management, marketing, and sales.

Why Data Visualisation Is Important

With so much information being collected through data analysis today, we must find a way to paint a picture with that data so that we can interpret it.

The Necessity of Data Mart in Data Analytics

We all know data is power. When it comes to using power, how you use your power is very important.

The New Normal is Moving Towards Virtual Reality

We have spent a long time working from home and and remote workers are going through different stages of remote work.

Getting Prepared For A Container Driven Application

Today user satisfaction is the top most concern in digital enterprise. This could be internal or external users and their user experience is one of the most important considerations of the Digital enterprise.

The Current Pandemic and the Need to Democratise Data

In this year of pandemic many governments across the world were criticized for the way they managed Covid-19 related data...