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Elevate your knowledge on the expanding developing strategies & latest technological advances related to your business.

The New Normal is Moving Towards Virtual Reality

We have spent a long time working from home and and remote workers are going through different stages of remote work.

Getting Prepared For A Container Driven Application

Today user satisfaction is the top most concern in digital enterprise. This could be internal or external users and their user experience is one of the most important considerations of the Digital enterprise.

The Current Pandemic and the Need to Democratise Data

In this year of pandemic many governments across the world were criticized for the way they managed Covid-19 related data...

Building Resilient IT Infrastructure – Lessons Learnt from OVH Data Center fire

A major incident in one of the data centers in France – OVH caused massive downtime and potential data loss for many customers...

VS ONE starts January with a focus on cybersecurity

VS ONE Started this year with a webinar on the cybersecurity in a work from home setting discussing potential cybersecurity risks as well as the approach to mitigate such risks.

Summing Up The Year 2020 And The Outlook for 2021

Where we stand at the end of 2020 and what 2021 might bring to the business environment.

TCO of Workspace

So are all the organizations who scaled up their VPNs after Covid-19 wrong? Not necessarily.

Workspace Transformation – It’s Now or Never

With the increasing prevalence of a pandemic, responses from enterprises have been reactive and most organizations have enabled corporate VPNs to allow their employees to work from home.

Protecting vCenter Server with VCHA

vCenter High Availability (vCenter HA) protects vCenter Server Appliance against host and hardware failures. The active-passive architecture of the solution can also help you reduce downtime significantly when you patch vCenter Server Appliance.