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With extraordinary effort, we ensure the services we’ve vowed to fulfill are completed in quality by considering it as our greatest responsibility.
BFSI (Banking, Financial Services & Insurance)

Disruptions in the business landscape and the impact of technology are compelling banks to shift to innovative business models while delivering a superior experience with agility. VS ONE has created a robust solution with our partners through investment in emerging technology products. With our partnerships with innovative partners, VS ONE was able to develop innovative solution offerings to the Banking and Finance sector to win and compete in a highly competitive industry with successful technology solutions.

Our banking portfolio provides solutions in

  • Open banking solutions using WSO2
  • Infrastructure optimisation
  • KPI driven banking
  • Omni-Channel solutions
  • Mobile payment ecosystems
  • Software upgrades and enterprise development
  • Enabling the bank employees with modern technology solutions
  • Security

VS ONE’s Telecommunication solution portfolio provides technology that transforms operating models, improves customer experience and keeps client businesses relevant. Our outcome and accountability-based business models have helped telecommunications companies in the Asian region to build new business models through innovative solutions, increase operational efficiency, operational processes as well as build complete analytical platforms by enabling them to make the right decision at the right time.

VS ONE TELCO offering includes

  • Integration services using WSO2
  • KPI driven TELCO solutions
  • Infrastructure optimisations
  • Fintech platforms enabling the new age TELCO
  • Cloud enablement
  • Software upgrades and enterprise development
  • VAS Solutions
Health Care

VS ONE’s healthcare platform focuses on connecting people and enabling access to healthcare rather than practicing traditional healthcare solutions. With our solutions, VS ONE has enabled national-level solutions making way for millions of people to have easy and cost-effective access to doctors and healthcare services.

Our portfolio includes:

  • Digital doctor appointment scheduling solutions
  • Tele call doctor consultancy solutions
  • Blood bank management solutions
  • Increased operation and energy efficiency solutions to hospitals
Public Sector

VS ONE’s public sector practice provides governments the means to engage citizens, government agencies, businesses, and NGOs, and to deliver services to them in a cost-effective manner. Our public sector solutions implementations have enabled secure access to defence facilities, students to faster examination results as well as food ration and welfare donations management solutions. VS ONE has been working with public sector organisations for over a decade in the developing world which has given us the experience and insight to the specific challenges in the Asian government context.

Our solutions include:

  • Examination result dissemination solutions
  • Blood bank management solutions
  • Provident fund management solutions
  • Networking solutions
  • Infrastructure optimisations

The hospitality sector has very specific challenges when it comes to energy management. VS ONE’s smart building concept with our top tier partner has enabled resorts and hotels in the region to reduce their energy footprint, and has also enabled them to maintain sustainable and cost-efficient operations. Our experience with world’s leading resort operations in Maldives has given us the experience in managing projects in multiple locations for resorts to provide centralised solutions, enabling better control, security, and efficiency.

Our solution includes:

  • Networking solutions
  • Smart Building solutions
  • Infrastructure optimisation

VS ONE’s manufacturing domain focuses on the optimisation of the workforce as well as technology usage on cost reduction. Our partnerships with top tier ERPs have enabled us to provide complete back end operation optimisation, manufacturing optimisation as well as process optimisation. Our IoT platform and ELV Solutions has enabled us to empower organisations with sustainable energy management, proactive machine monitoring along with an overall cost reduction.

Our solution includes:

  • ERP implementation
  • IoT based solution in monitoring and managing
  • Shop flow automation solutions for the Apparel industry
  • ELV solutions to efficient energy management and consulting