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Newsletter January 2021


VS ONE WORLD PTE LTD has been awarded the opportunity to provide an Extra Low Voltage (ELV) solution to Ozo Maldives, an exclusive 160+ Villas Resort built on a secluded island in the Raa Atoll, located northwest of the Maldivian capital of Male.

The entire resort was provided with a Gigabit Ethernet Passive Optical Network (GPON) for deploying services such as Guest Management Systems, Broadband Internet, IP Telephony, IP TV, Network Security, Local Area Network and Wi-Fi.

Products and solutions from world leading vendors such as HPE ARUBA, ZHONE, Alcatel Lucent Enterprise, Antik, Juniper and Molex have been used for the design and deployment of this state-of-the-art-technology solution and integrated with Property Management System (PMS).

Updates on VS ONE’s completed and upcoming webinars
VS ONE hosted a webinar on the 14th of January focusing on cybersecurity in a work-from-home setting. This included a discussion about potential cybersecurity risks as well as the approach to mitigate such risks.
We will highlight some of the key discussion points discussed in this forum.

Several Key Trends:
1. Attacks targeting the remote workers are on the rise – 47% ransomware attacks were from RDP Compromise
2. Zero-day exploits are growing
3. Ransomware and State sponsored Cybercrime are becoming a new trend
4. Attacks exploiting the IT Supply chain are on the rise
5. Growing Insider threats

As the healthcare experts stated that Covid-19 was not going to go away, many measures needed to have been taken by IT professionals in terms of remote working, such as remote desktops, VPN and other measures that would stay for a longer run.

We also discussed the possible controls to minimize cybersecurity threats arising from work from home solutions.


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