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Newsletter May 2021


We are happy to announce that Scalefusion has appointed VS ONE as a value-added distributor for its MDM Suite, which enables us to offer Scalefusion Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions to our partners.

Scalefusion MDM supports the management of Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows 10 devices, be it smartphones, tablets, laptops, rugged devices, mPOS, and digital signages, along with apps and content.

Scalefusion will also provide extensive training and support to VS ONE and our partners to ensure that the implementation of the MDM solution is streamlined. Our partners will be able to take advantage of the diverse capabilities extended by Scalefusion, including easy-to-use UI, automated IT tasks and reduced device downtime with remote troubleshooting.Furthermore, Scalefusion’s highly-rated customer service further adds to the association.

Scalefusion is very useful to end-users in terms of Bring Your Own Device, Kiosk and Mobile Device Management.




VS ONE WORLD has developed a banking solution portfolio with the intention of providing focused services for the BFSI sector.

The solution portfolio is aligned with key functional requirements of the banking institution’s and VS ONE’s strengths:

  • Drive growth through new revenue streams through a mobile payment platform, payment switch and omnichannel banking.
  • Proactive risk management to identify and minimize risks through delinquency management, ATM and endpoint management as well as AI and ML Solutions.
  • Ensure regulatory compliance by meeting the regulatory compliance guidelines through advanced analytics, cyber security services and blockchain based KYC.
  • Identify and eliminate inefficiencies – optimize performance bottlenecks and address them with technology solutions such as digital banking workspace, data center and cloud advisory services.
  • Transform with digital – create a future proof technology roadmap by creating a digital foundation RPA, open banking and middleware as well as application optimization.

Contact us to find out more about how we can help your bank obtain an advantage over your competitors in an extremely volatile economic climate.




Today user satisfaction is the top most concern in digital enterprise. This could be internal or external users and their user experience is one of the most important considerations of the Digital enterprise.

There are multiple variables contributing to the user experience. Some of these elements include

  1. Application performance
  2. Responsiveness
  3. Ease of use
  4. Ease of navigation
  5. Ability of access on any device
As the demand for better user experience increases application owners are also seeing the demands increasing

  1. Need of increasing the uptime and availability of the session
  2. Need of monitoring the application performance
  3. Need to tune the  application
  4. Need to scale the application resources as when the users/demands grow

Most of the enterprise applications are still deployed as monolithic applications. They are not fluid in terms of performance and scalability. Often the scaling of the application might require forklift hardware upgrades and would take months.

The modern IT demands are much more agile and they need applications which could instantly respond to the demands. The traditional monolithic applications were unable to cater to these demands which gave birth to a new application paradigm.




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