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VS ONE is pleased to announce our partnership with:

Avonet brings technology that changes the way we live and perform with their in-house developed Delinquency Management Solutions which is currently changing the competitive landscape of the banking and financial services industry.

VS ONE plans to bring its customers Avonet’s Affiniti Delinquency Management Platform which is designed to assist credit monitoring and debt recovery officers of any organization and provide quick and conveniently displayed information which helps users to successfully track debtors and their facilities. Additionally, this software platform is sure to enable our customers to reduce costs, save time and maximize resource utilization through process automation and improved debtor engagement traceability.

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Workspace Transformation – It’s Now or Never
With the increasing prevalence of a pandemic, responses from enterprises have been reactive and most organizations have enabled corporate VPNs to allow their employees to work from home, with some even shipping employee workstations to their respective homes.

While these reactive steps have enabled business continuity, most organizations have not evaluated the business impact of these moves. This is especially the case when considering the impact working from home has on employee productivity and information security.

Although most organizations have SaaS or web based apps, they may still use many traditional client server applications which includes ERP and other line of business applications such as analytics tools. Additionally, most traditional client server applications have been designed to work on a local network. Therefore, when working on remote networks such as a VPN, the performance of these applications would degrade.

Furthermore, application performance degradation will have a significant impact on the success of Work from home projects and will have an immediate impact on the productivity of employees. Moreover, this will have a substantial impact on the trust employees receive from their management in terms of working from home. Winning over the end users is paramount to the success of any technology project, therefore, if the overall impression of the end users is negative, these projects are bound to fail.



Leading Through Change with Data : 07th October 2020

VS ONE and Tableau collaborated to host a webinar covering an in-depth understanding of the use of Tableau in a world that is rapidly changing.

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