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Newsletter September 2021


In this session, VS ONE discusses how data analytics and visualisation can be utilised.

Sadeepa Palliyaguru, Director and Chief Innovation Officer of VS ONE, is specialized in Public Cloud Solutions and Information Security. He has over 10 years of experience in Software Development and Strategic Consulting and is also skilled in Technical Communication and Enterprise Systems. Additionally, he has been instrumental in two of the major public cloud deployments in Sri Lanka.Munshi Muntasir Islam, Senior Consultant – Analytics and Lead of Business Intelligence, is an experienced and certified BI Professional having a strong penchant towards data visualization; someone who has a great understanding and adept at visual design principles and best practices to give the audience a holistic and ironic dashboard experience through analytics and design.

Salesforce is the world’s #1 customer relationship management (CRM) platform. They help a company’s marketing, sales, commerce, service and IT teams work as one from anywhere — so you can keep your customers happy everywhere.
Additionally, companies can focus their employees on what’s important right now: stabilising their businesses, reopening, and getting back to delivering exceptional customer experiences.
Salesforce had combined the power of Slack and Salesforce so teams can stay connected, productive, and get work done anywhere — with a single source of truth for their business.

Nine out of 10 companies plan to combine remote and onsite work going forward, but only 33% feel prepared to navigate this new hybrid work world. Slack-First Customer 360 is the answer, with Slack as the hub that empowers everyone in an organization to communicate, collaborate, and take action on information from across Salesforce and all the other business apps, systems, and partners they use.

With these new pre-built integrations between Slack and Salesforce, every department — such as sales, service, and marketing — can collaborate in channels that unite teams and streamline workflows built around CRM data, giving them a single source of truth for their business and a single, shared view of the customer. Business processes can be automated in Slack to make work simple, productive, flexible and pleasant. And with Slack Connect, companies can now work securely with external partners, vendors and customers, driving stronger relationships and faster results.


Salesforce and Slack are giving sales reps the ability to collaborate on deals in real-time and drive growth from anywhere, with sales reps using Slack seeing an average of 15% faster sales cycles. The new capabilities provide deeper visibility into account details in Sales Cloud and connect the right people to close deals fast – all in Slack as the system of engagement.

  • Digital deal rooms allow sales teams to securely collaborate around a customer or deal cycle in Slack. Sales reps can access and update Salesforce records and meeting information right from Slack. With files, conversations, and data in one place, teams can easily prepare for meetings, new reps can quickly onboard by accessing account details in Slack, and external partners and customers can join in directly to close deals fast.
  • Automated daily briefs in Slack help reps focus on what matters most by providing them with a personalized daily list of tasks, meetings and priority deals they can take action on.

Through Salesforce and Slack, teams can collaborate to provide real-time customer support, bringing customers directly into the channel when necessary. Service agents get instant access to relevant Service Cloud case data, experts and channels in Slack, resulting in an 11% improvement in customer satisfaction scores. These Slack-First innovations help service teams automatically identify and bring the right experts into a case, accelerating customer response times.

  • Swarming creates a Slack channel for service teams to collaborate on complex and high priority cases, bringing in the right employee and external partners to solve problems faster.
  • Expert Finder automatically identifies the right experts to add to a swarm channel based on availability, capacity, and skills.
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