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With the advancements in technology today, it is possible for a building to not only deliver all the services required by its occupants, but also to make it as efficient as possible in order to minimize costs and increase energy savings.

Smart buildings use a combination of different technologies such as Extra-Low Voltage (ELV) and building management systems, Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality amongst others, in order to optimise the performance of a building.

Unlock efficiency and innovation with VS ONE WORLD’s data center solutions. Our expertise can enhance energy efficiency by 20-30%, reduce operational costs, and minimize environmental impact. Experience a remarkable 60% improvement in administrative and operational efficiency, saving time and resources. With our innovative designs, reclaim up to 30% of data center space for scalability. Stay ahead with our cutting-edge technology.

Smart Building

State-of-the-art tech, boosting efficiency in communication, security, and building management

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Data Center

Innovative cutting edge data center services, ensuring top-tier, certified, and efficient management systems

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Highly skilled professionals, delivering unmatched solutions in the realm of ELV and smart buildings

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At VS ONE WORLD, we believe in a future where technology and efficiency coexist. Discover how our solutions, specially tailored for smart buildings and Extra-Low Voltage (ELV) systems, are revolutionizing the business world

Smart Building Solutions

Harnessing the power of advancements in tech, we provide solutions that not only cater to occupants' needs but also prioritize efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Our tech arsenal includes ELV, building management systems, IoT sensors, AI, and augmented reality to optimize building performance.

The backbone of your IT infrastructure, structured cabling provides a comprehensive telecommunication solution for transmitting data, video, and voice information.

High-speed, broadband solutions that offer efficient and reliable internet access, with capabilities for numerous simultaneous high-bandwidth services.

Core components of any network, providing seamless communication, data transfer, and internet access across multiple devices.

Systems that consolidate communication modes like voice, video, messaging, and more into a single platform, enhancing business communication efficiency.

Protocols and measures designed to protect the integrity and usability of your network and data, safeguarding against potential threats.

Modern security solutions that use internet protocol to stream footage from security cameras, providing real-time monitoring and recording capabilities.

Comprehensive solutions for broadcasting sound and visuals in public and private spaces, useful for announcements, entertainment, and more.

Advanced systems that help you collect, analyze, and manage video data for enhanced security and valuable business insights.

Systems that automate and control a building’s essential systems, enhancing efficiency, safety, and comfort.

Our smart building solution includes an advanced Intrusion Detection System, safeguarding premises with cutting-edge technology and real-time alerts.

Large, eye-catching displays for presenting high-definition video content, ideal for advertising, presentations, and entertainment.

Essential security tools for detecting threats, contraband, and prohibited items in luggage or vehicles.

Metal detectors are handheld or ground-mounted devices used to identify metallic objects hidden underground, within objects, or on individuals.

Solutions designed to manage access to spaces and detect potential security breaches, enhancing overall building security.

Physical security solutions that manage pedestrian and vehicular access to premises, enhancing safety and crowd management.

Systems designed for security personnel to monitor large premises and communicate effectively during routine checks and emergencies.

Essential backup power solution that provides continuous power supply during power outages, safeguarding your essential systems and data.

Comprehensive solutions for efficient use of parking spaces, enhancing security, and providing convenience for drivers.

Advanced systems that provide automated control of various room functions for enhanced guest comfort, energy efficiency, and staff productivity in hospitality settings.

Digital solutions that provide entertainment, information, and promotional content through networked display devices.

Data Center Services

Discover unparalleled efficiency with VS ONE WORLD's Data Center Services. From GAP Analysis and Certification to Power Generators System, our comprehensive suite is tailored to meet your evolving needs. Benefit from our cutting-edge innovations that ensure optimal operational performance, energy efficiency, and significant space savings. Trust VS ONE WORLD to transform your Data Center operations

We assess your current data center operations against your specific requirements, including a detailed Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) report for thermal management.

We help you achieve industry-standard certifications like EIA/TIA, Up-time, and BICSI, ensuring your data center meets recognized quality and performance benchmarks.

Our experts guide you through the entire process, from initial consultation and design to RFP preparation, evaluation, and awarding.

Comprehensive project oversight, ensuring efficient execution, seamless communication, and successful completion of your data center initiatives.

We install fire-resistant walls and doors to help protect your data center from fire hazards.

We provide raised flooring systems with integrated air dampers for efficient cooling and air circulation.

We supply and install racks equipped with dual Power Distribution Units (PDUs) for reliable power supply to your equipment.

We implement access control systems to your racks to ensure only authorized personnel can access your equipment.

Our air containment solutions help optimize the efficiency of your cooling systems by managing airflow.

We provide cable management solutions that ensure safe, organized, and efficient cable distribution.

Our structured cabling systems support high-speed data transfer rates to meet the needs of modern data centers.

We install precision cooling systems designed to manage the unique cooling needs of data centers.

We install comprehensive fire suppression systems and alarms to quickly detect and respond to potential fire hazards.

Our Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) solutions ensure your data center remains operational even during power outages.

We design and implement efficient power distribution systems tailored to the specific needs of your data center.

Full-service solutions, from procurement of top-tier equipment to expert installation and thorough commissioning for optimized data center operations.

We provide power generator systems to ensure your data center has a reliable backup power source.

We design and install efficient lighting and electrical systems suitable for the unique requirements of data centers.

We implement grounding systems to protect your data center equipment from electrical surges.

We provide comprehensive access control systems to ensure the security of your data center.

We install IP surveillance systems to provide real-time monitoring of your data center for security and operational efficiency.

We provide solutions to continuously monitor environmental conditions like temperature and humidity within your data center.

We implement Data Center Infrastructure Management System – DCIM systems to provide a comprehensive view of your data center’s performance, enabling you to make informed management decisions.

We design and install high-performance switching networks to ensure efficient data transfer within your data center.


Our team comprises highly skilled professionals who are experts in the field of Extra Low Voltage (ELV) systems and smart building technologies. We deliver unmatched solutions tailored to your specific needs. With a deep understanding of the latest technologies and industry trends, we're committed to providing innovative, efficient, and sustainable solutions. Whether you're seeking to improve operational efficiency, enhance security, or create a more comfortable environment, our team has the expertise to make your smart building vision a reality.

Our data center services are design certified, ensuring quality and reliability.

We facilitate EIA/TIA, BICSI, and Up-time certifications for your site, guaranteeing compliance with industry standards.

We offer end-to-end solutions for your data center needs, providing a truly unified physical infrastructure.

We offer robust Data Center Infrastructure Management solutions, providing comprehensive oversight and control of your data center operations.

We use advanced 3D design, simulation, and Bill of Quantities verification to ensure accurate and efficient planning and execution.

We employ Computational Fluid Dynamics analysis and load testing to optimize thermal management and ensure your data center can handle anticipated loads.


VS ONE WORLD is proud to partner with industry leaders who trust our Data Center Services. Join the ranks of progressive corporations like Company A, Company B, and Company C that have revolutionized their operations using our innovative solutions

Esteemed Partners

we strategically collaborate with leading global partners to provide innovative smart solutions. Our partnerships, driven by a shared vision of technology's transformative power, enhance our ability to offer top-notch solutions to our clients. By pooling our technological expertise with the specialized skills of our partners, we deliver integrated, scalable, and flexible solutions that cater to varying business needs. Together, we're shaping the future of digital innovation, enabling smarter business operations and driving sustainable growth.

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