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Step into the future with VS ONE WORLD, your reliable partner for transformative Infrastructure solutions. We help you traverse the intricate landscape of technological advancements with innovative, scalable solutions tailored to your needs.

From data center deployments that offer unprecedented agility and effectiveness, to simplified enterprise solutions that streamline your network operations, our expertise covers a vast spectrum. Our robust industrial networks merge IT and OT architectures for optimized equipment performance and risk management. Finally, our comprehensive Audio Video Systems provide an unrivaled, end-to-end AV experience, ideal for a range of environments. With VS ONE WORLD, navigate your greatest technology challenges, decrease design time, cut installation costs, and enhance worker safety, all while pushing the frontiers of innovation.

Unleash the power of connectivity with VS ONE WORLD, the authorized distributor of Panduit in Sri Lanka and Maldives! As industry leaders, we are dedicated to supplying exceptional structured cabling and infrastructure solutions to our valued clients Experience the value of seamless connectivity like never before. From robust structured cabling systems to innovative infrastructure solutions, we have everything you need to build a reliable and high-performance network.

Data Center

Global Convergence for Data Complexity

Our Data Center solutions address IT complexity through an integrated approach. We implement converged infrastructure solutions that focus on scalability, agility, and operational effectiveness, enabling efficient management of data center deployments across the globe.


Simplified Solutions for Evolving Networks

Enterprise networks are constantly evolving, and our solutions are designed to keep pace. We offer comprehensive cabling and physical infrastructure solutions that simplify the design, installation, and operation of networks, ensuring they can adapt and grow along with your business.

Industrial Networks

Streamlining IT and OT Integration

At the intersection of Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT), we provide dependable integrated architecture. This streamlines the implementation of industrial networks, improving equipment optimization and enabling more comprehensive risk management.

Audio Video Systems

Seamless AV Over Structured Cabling

Audio Visual (AV) solutions are a cornerstone of modern infrastructure. We offer end-to-end AV solutions paired with robust layer one components, delivering clear and reliable AV over structured cabling. These solutions are scalable and adaptable to various settings, including conference rooms, classrooms, digital signage, and training spaces.


Our infrastructure solutions have been trusted by distinguished clients including Amari Hotels, UNDP, Robinson, and Maagiri. These organizations represent a spectrum of industries, from hospitality to international development, showcasing the versatility of our offerings. We take pride in helping these clients navigate their unique technological challenges, delivering custom infrastructure solutions that bolster operational efficiency, security, and scalability. Their success stands testament to our commitment to providing exceptional services that meet diverse business needs.

Esteemed Partners

As a leader in Infrastructure Solutions, VS ONE WORLD proudly collaborates with industry giants like Panduit. Our strategic partnerships allow us to bring best-in-class infrastructure technologies, offering our clients innovative, secure, and efficient solutions. With their support, we provide a diverse portfolio of products and services that elevate your enterprise performance to new levels. These alliances bolster our mission to empower businesses to navigate the complex technological landscape with ease and confidence.

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