bKash, the country leader in mobile financial services in Bangladesh, offers fast, secure, and convenient money transfer and payment services. To manage large amounts of data and generate actionable insights, bKash sought the expertise of VS ONE WORLD for deploying and managing Tableau for their analytics needs.


bKash faced the following challenges:

  • Managing Large Amounts of Data: Efficiently handling and analyzing extensive data sets.
  • Platform Flexibility: Requiring a platform that could easily integrate with existing solutions.


Business Intelligence and Analytics (By Expert One)

VS ONE WORLD provided a comprehensive solution:

  • Tableau Deployment and Management: Implementing Tableau environment tailored to bKash’s needs.
  • Ongoing Support and Guidance: Offering continuous assistance in utilizing Tableau effectively for analytics.

Impact on Mobile Financial Services and Data Management (By Expert Two)

The deployment resulted in:

  • Campaign and Product Performance Analysis: Utilizing Tableau to assess marketing campaigns and product success.
  • Monthly Status Reports for Agents: Enabling agents to access their monthly status reports through Tableau.
  • Legacy Data Analysis for Product Development: Allowing the product development team to use Tableau for predicting new products.


The collaboration with VS ONE WORLD led to an enhanced analytics environment that transformed how bKash manages data, analyzes performance, and develops new products. The implementation of Tableau, coupled with ongoing support, has empowered bKash with actionable insights and flexible data management.


This case study demonstrates the essential role of analytics in the mobile financial services sector. By aligning the technology with bKash’s specific needs, VS ONE WORLD has showcased how data-driven insights can lead to improved decision-making, product innovation, and operational efficiency. It stands as an example of the synergy between technology and financial services, paving the way for future innovations in the industry.