Arogga, the pioneer of prescription and healthcare services via a mobile app in Bangladesh, faced challenges in reporting visibility, website data analysis, and advanced analytics. Partnering with VS ONE WORLD, Arogga embarked on a journey to build an entire analytics roadmap and BI (Business Intelligence) solution using Tableau.


Arogga was confronted with:

  • No Reporting Visibility: Lack of clear and accessible reports.
  • Website Data Analysis Challenges: Difficulties in analyzing user interactions on the website.
  • Advance Analysis Limitation: Limited capabilities in conducting in-depth analysis.


Business Intelligence and Analytics (By Expert One)

VS ONE WORLD’s comprehensive solution included:

  • Analytics Roadmap and BI Development: Building a complete analytics strategy using Tableau.
  • Churn Analysis Model: Developing a model to analyze customer retention.
  • Investment Analysis: Enabling investment analysis through the Tableau platform.

Impact on Healthcare Analytics and Customer Retention (By Expert Two)

The implementation led to:

  • Business Overview Dashboard: A clear and concise dashboard for management to understand business metrics.
  • Customer-Level Analysis and Retention Initiatives: Tools to analyze customers and implement retention strategies.
  • Integration with Google Analytics: Direct use of Google Analytics data with legacy data to analyze customer engagement.


The collaboration with VS ONE WORLD revolutionized Arogga’s approach to analytics. By creating a tailored roadmap, developing specific analysis models, and integrating various data sources, Arogga is now able to make informed decisions, optimize customer retention, and enhance investment strategies.


This case study illustrates the transformative power of analytics in the healthcare sector. Through a well-defined partnership with VS ONE WORLD, Arogga has leveraged Tableau to bring efficiency, clarity, and innovation to their services. It serves as a beacon for healthcare providers looking to integrate technology and analytics to improve services, customer engagement, and business operations.