Bangladesh Lamps Limited (BLL), a pre-eminent manufacturer of electric light bulbs and LED lighting solutions in Bangladesh, faced challenges related to multiple legacy system usage, data preservation, manufacturing process management, and real-time data extraction. Collaborating with VS ONE WORLD, BLL sought to implement a comprehensive ERP solution to transform its operations.


BLL’s challenges included:

  • Multiple Legacy System Usage: Increasing daily workload.
  • Loss of Historical Data: Lack of data preservation in the system.
  • Lack of Manufacturing Process Management through ERP: Inefficiency in production.
  • No Real-Time Data Extraction: Limiting decision-making capabilities.


Manufacturing ERP Systems and Process Optimization (By Expert One)

VS ONE WORLD’s targeted solution included:

  • Setting up BOM (Bill of Materials): Creating component material requirements and issuing material based on FEFO (First Expired, First Out) in the system.
  • Re-Order Point, Safety Stock, and Lot Size Setup: Automating purchase requisition to ensure material availability.
  • Quality Control of Manufactured Items: Ensuring consistent quality.
  • Actual Product Costing of a Lot/Batch: Based on labor class.

Impact on Data Management, Quality Control, and Customer Satisfaction (By Expert Two)

The implementation led to:

  • Single IFS Solution: Replacing the whole legacy system.
  • Increased Efficiency and Better Visibility: Enhancing quality control.
  • Streamlined Processes: Reducing manual work and improving inventory control.
  • Systematic Workflows: Enabling analysis of historical customer data.


The collaboration with VS ONE WORLD yielded transformative outcomes for BLL:

  • Unified ERP Solution: Streamlining various legacy systems.
  • Enhanced Manufacturing Efficiency: With better visibility and quality control.
  • Streamlined Processes: With less manual work and better inventory management.
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction Analysis: Through systematic workflows.


This case study exemplifies how tailored ERP solutions can revolutionize manufacturing operations. By understanding the unique needs of BLL and implementing targeted solutions, VS ONE WORLD enabled a transformation that sets a benchmark for modern manufacturing practices. It emphasizes the importance of integrated systems, quality control, real-time data extraction, and customer satisfaction analytics. This project serves as a blueprint for how technology can create seamless, efficient, and responsive manufacturing experiences, particularly in the lighting industry.