Runner Motors Limited (RML) started its operation since October 2004. Eicher Motors Ltd. of India appointed RML as an Exclusive Distributor on famous Eicher brand (LCV and MCV) trucks and pickups in Bangladesh.


•Customer lead, prospect, customer creation as per sales/marketing executive

•Approval routing for Asset, Inventory part purchase within budget limit

•LC number wise each bike cost break down (RM cost, Charge, FG cost)

•Service request, work order, job card, Resource allocation material required, consumption free/Paid service etc. Per job/work order was maintained manually

•Automatic PR requisition based on the BOM/Production plan

•Tracking delivery accessories & Transport cost per Customer order


•Configure customer relationship management (CRM) module

•Build a approval routing for local & foreign purchase

•Configure and Developed a report.

•Service & asset Maintenance module configure

•Setup safety stock , Min Lot size etc. by selecting planning method 

•Configure delivery note analysis and gate pass


•Management can review the achievement of win customer & loss customer with specific reason

•Without approval of hierarchy no one can create PO withing budget limit

•Visible for cost analysis of model & LC wise

•Analyze the total history (RM cost, service cost, man hour, warranty etc.) per work order

•Reduce manual effort and increase efficient to make decision.

•Control delivery cost per customer