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Newsletter October 2021


Transcom Electronics Ltd (TEL) started its’ operation in 1993 by taking over PHILIPS electronics and lighting business in Bangladesh. Today, the company is one of the leading electronics and electrical company in the country, marketing and distributing consumer lighting, consumer electronics, home appliances and professional lighting products from renowned brands through its extensive distribution and retail network.
General Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (GPL) is one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical finished formulation manufacturing companies in Bangladesh with a mission to provide innovative high quality range of healthcare products. GPL has been striving for more than 27 years and has devoted entirely to the development of excellent pharmaceutical finished products. Relentlessly pursuing scientific knowledge, building the strength and developing the vision required to compete with the best in the future; GPL has grown into a company that boosts of world class products, excellent production facilities and quality professionals. GPL has crossed numerous milestones in its journey.
GLP chose VS ONE Bangladesh to implement ERP in the form of IFS Applications integrated with Peoples HR from hSenid Software International that will streamline their processes so that they can serve their customers more efficiently and effectively.

The contract was signed by VS ONE Bangladesh MD & CEO – Zahid Khan and GPL Chief Financial Officer – Md. Alauddin, Head of Supply Chain – Rumman Hossain, Head of IT Infrastructure – Towhidur Rahman, as well as VS ONE Bangladesh Business Development Manager Syed Rakib Hasan Likhon were also present at the signing occasion.

The Necessity of Data Mart in Data AnalyticsWe all know data is power. When it comes to using power, how you use your power is very important, and abusing or wasting that power is not acceptable in terms of administration or users. The global economy has become a perpetual motion machine of data; consuming, processing, and producing even more quantities of it. Additionally, digital technologies trafficking in data now enable, and in some cases replace, traditional trade in goods and services.
When we talk about modern reports and reporting tools, expectations are high. Interactivity and fast refreshing data are not just demanded, it’s a necessity. In which case, using raw tables or a prime data source will not be able to provide better speeds or feasibility. Some reports require modified data types, unpivoted data, column-wise data amongst many others regularly. And the solution for this challenge is found by developing diverse Data Marts on a demand basis. This helps faster reporting by not using custom or complex queries in reporting.

In a market dominated by big data and analytics, Data Marts are one of the key factors in efficiently transforming information into insights. Data warehouses typically deal with large data sets, but data analysis requires easy-to-find and readily available data. Therefore, the need to perform complex queries in order to access the data needed for reporting is unnecessary with the use of a Data Mart.


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