Middleware Integration
With the explosion of Cloud, SaaS and Cloud native applications organizations are creating diverse application landscapes spread across on premise, Cloud and hybrid landscapes. With this growth connecting the different application ecosystems becomes more challenging. VSONE has developed a dedicated middleware implementation practice to help organizations overcome these integration challenges. Our objective is to help organizations create scalable and secure integration platforms to cater for all of your integration requirements.
Open Banking Implementation
With the growing emergence of fintech banks and financial institutions have accelerated the adoption of Open Banking. With the growing open banking regulations in place, we help customers adopt open banking with minimal friction.

End To End Open Banking Solutions Confirming To Industry Standards

UX, UI Customization

Identity Service Integration

Training And Consulting Services

Middleware Integration Services
VSONE provides total implementation and support services for integration requirements. Our domain expertise in multiple integration services including Open Banking, Telecom and Government domains

Integrate Diverse Systems Including Cloud, On Prem And Saas

Integrate Legacy Applications

Write Custom Connectors To New Data Sources

Ensure Api Security By Implementing Api Throttling And Other Controls

Consulting Services

Support Services

Identity And Access Management
With the growing security concerns customer identity has become a strong concern in enterprise. We specialize in providing adaptive Customer identity and access management solutions and integrate them with the existing applications and authentication systems.

Implementation Of Identity And Access Management

Integrating Applications With Identity And Access Management

Consulting And Training Services

Integration Paas
Seamlessly deliver rapid integration between the application ecosystems using integrated platform as a service. We will help organizations deliver rapid integration using the iPaaS solutions.


Custom Integration

Training And Consulting Services

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